Evelyn Greer Missing Port Charlotte Florida, 4-year-old found in Canal

It has been revealed that a canal in Charlotte County was the spot where the remains of Evelyn K. Geer, who had been missing for four years, was found. Evelyn K. Geer was four years old. According to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Geer strayed away from the vacation home that she and her family were staying in on Barksdale Street in Port Charlotte while they were on holiday.

The residence was rented by Geer’s parents for the duration of their trip. The address of the home was in the city of Port Charlotte. The body of the missing woman was discovered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission when they were conducting a search for her via boat.

The commission was the one who carried out the search. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) has been conducting investigations all morning in the area behind Port Charlotte High School using both their K-9 and aviation units. Behind the school, these investigations have been going on for some time.