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Eve Mainwaring Obituary, Eve Mainwaring Has Tragically Passed Away

Eve Mainwaring Death, Obituary – The news of Eve Mainwaring’s passing has put me in a state of intense sadness, and it is because of this news that I am writing this. On Friday, Eve, a legendary figure in the sport of equestrian competition in Canada, passed away at the age of 98. Eve was known for her accomplishments in the sport throughout her life. She lived a life that was full of equestrian activities, adventurous travels, acts of philanthropy, and a strong desire to passing on her knowledge to others who were in her immediate area.

Eve was one of my earliest instructors, and she never stopped believing in me despite my many failures. When I was originally beginning my career as a trainer, I held my very first clinic at her farm in Brockville, which is located in Ontario. After a certain amount of time had elapsed, Jonathon and Amy would also begin holding their first clinics at her stable during that time.

As our connection grew closer, she began to show her support for my goals by becoming a co-owner of numerous horses, the most noteworthy of which was Big Ben. She also began to help me pursue my dreams. As a direct consequence of this, we started cooperating much more closely with one another during the training.

I am thrilled that after all these years I was finally able to get back in touch with Eve and that we have been able to keep our friendship going strong. Millar Brooke Farm would not have been able to grow into what it is today if Eve had not been there, and the farm will miss her in a meaningful way because of this.

Eve, you have my deepest gratitude for everything you’ve done! – Ian Millar