Emily Tingen Obituary, Emily Tingen Passed Away From A Fentanyl Overdose

Emily Tingen Obituary, Emily Tingen Passed Away From A Fentanyl Overdose

Emily Tingen Obituary, Death – I had hoped that I would never have to take the call that I received last night. An overdose of fentanyl was the cause of death for my stepdaughter, Emily Tingen, who was Karen’s daughter. She had been battling opioid addiction for around ten years, and it had ruined everything in her life: her husband, her career, and even her freedom, since she had spent the majority of the previous year in jail due to her addiction.

She exerted a lot of effort in an attempt to get back on track, but it was clear that this was a battle she couldn’t win. Raymond Mathis, her fiance, had fallen away a few months before in a like manner. Her brother Jeff, who regrettably was the one to discover her dead at the home they shared, is one of the people she leaves behind. Her son, who is ten years old and has lived with Karen and I full time for more than a year now, is another.

It would be an understatement to say that this is heartbreaking for all of us, but especially for her son, Jeff, and Karen. Sadly, I’ve spent the past few years mentally preparing for this, in addition to the numerous previous overdoses and near-fatal vehicle accidents. As the head of the family, it is my responsibility to maintain my composure for the sake of everyone else, and this challenge is the most difficult one yet.

Karen and I tried all in our power to assist her, but an addict can only make genuine progress in recovery if they are prepared to do it on their own. I pray that you have been reconciled with Raymond and are now able to find inner calm. Thank you for having the self-awareness and humility to recognize when you could no longer take care of your son and enabling your mother and I the opportunity to do so. Your son will be raised with all of the love and support on which you were counting. Em, may you finally rest in peace.

I will miss you. Emily was not a spiritual person, but she had a deep appreciation for music. In the not too distant future, there will be a memorial concert held to celebrate her life and, with any luck, earn some money that can be used to pay for her final preparations and assist her son. Once we have things figured out, I will make an announcement on the time and location. Emily will not allow me to cancel my performance with my band tonight, so I will hopefully run into some of you there.