Edna Mutch Obituary, Edna Mutch Funeral Notice

Edna Mutch Obituary, Death – On June 8, 2023, Edna, whose surname at birth was Mutch, passed away peacefully in the environment and surroundings of her own home. Her departure was both sudden and unanticipated, and it took place in a tranquil setting. She was able to make the most of the time she had left at that location by appreciating every single second of it. She was already 79 years old at that point in her life when this event took place.

She was the devoted wife of James, who passed away before her, the doting mother of Stuart and Russell, the loving mother-in-law of Eileen, the proud grandmother of Ross, Cameron, Brendan, Charlie, and Harris, and the great-grandmother of Eve. James was her devoted husband until he passed away before her. She also had the honor of becoming Eve’s proud great-grandmother. James had already passed away prior to her passing. Both Stuart and Russell had already passed away prior to her passing.

Eileen had already left this world before her. James was a devoted companion to her for the rest of her life and remained so to the end. Stuart and Russell were the names of the two loyal kids that she had, and both of them were very gorgeous. The funeral service will begin on Thursday morning, June 15, at the Alexander Buchan & Son Funeral Chapel in Fraserburgh, which can be found on Denmark Street. The ceremony will take place in the morning. The ceremony is scheduled to start at 10:30 in the morning.

They are warmly invited to attend the funeral and burial, which will take place in the Turlundie Cemetery, and they can pay their respects there. The funeral and burial will take place on the day that the deceased individual was found to have passed away. On the same day as the funeral, the body will be laid to rest in a cemetery. Flowers from immediate family members are the only kind that are permitted inside the chapel. If you would like to make a donation to the Fraserburgh Lifeboat in lieu of sending flowers, you are welcome to do so at the chapel’s door.