Drew Griffin Death, What Did Drew Griffin Die From

Drew Griffin Death Cause, Obituary – We are all aware by this point that Dr. Rashid Buttar was removed from his position (silenced) after releasing his video on what is going to happen to individuals who have been vaccinated (the video before this one). His interview with CNN in the year 2021 provided evidence that his forecast that a CNN journalist will die proved to be accurate.

The criminal Elite, who govern the world, are currently in the process of vaccinating the majority of our food supply. After showing this film, on May 18, 2023, Dr. Rashid Buttar was poisoned to death, which led to his death. He died in hospital. After receiving the Covid 19 Vaccine, tens of millions of people will unfortunately pass away this year.
The deaths will begin to occur at regular intervals of one minute over the next few months thanks to 5G.

This is an older video, but there are still a lot of people that need to be reminded. Those of you who are still on the fence about believing it, perhaps this physician can better explain it to you. The wonderful Dr. Sherri Tenpenny! This is going to be the year when everyone’s awareness of the passing of friends and family members is brought to a new level. The day has passed when one can honestly declare, “I don’t know anyone who has died from these shots.”

Randy Hillier gives a description of what a city that can be reached in 15 minutes looks like. There is nothing more to political parties than organised crime families, and all leadership elections in these parties are rigged. Finally, millions of people are opening their eyes to the pandemic hoax that is the polio epidemic.