Dennis Mallen car accident Hardee County, Florida, Actor and Film producer has died

Dennis Mallen car accident Hardee County, Florida, Actor and Film producer has died

Dennis Mallen car accident, Death, Obituary – On Saturday, a fatal car accident reportedly took the life of a prominent member of our local performing community. The accident took place on State Road 64 in Hardee County, Florida. Dennis Mallen was a seasoned, longtime, and award-winning friend to many people, including myself. I will miss him. Dennis guided me through the maze that is the acting community and taught me the importance of respect, timeliness, and professionalism as I began my career as an actor. He also showed me how to negotiate the performing community.

Dennis would always take the time to help others develop their own craft, while at the same time building his portfolio along the road, whether he was riding a horse as an old west sheriff, hunting in the woods as a caveman, or fighting as a mob boss. This was true regardless of the role he was playing. We worked together on the sets of a number of movies and commercials, and we would constantly joke about how these guys in their 50s and beyond are all washed up but still getting it!

A loved one said, ”My friend, may you rest in peace; from here on out, we will continue on. My great friend, Dennis Mallen…Just now, I learned the news. You merely gave me a quick call to say hello the other day. I wasn’t able to answer the phone because I was swamped with work. I truly apologize. It would have been nice to say goodbye to you one more time. Please pray for Dennis’s loved ones and his family as they go through this difficult time.

You will never be forgotten and will always be adored, Dennis! ❤️ I can’t stop crying. My poor damaged heart can’t take it. Another wonderful individual has passed away. We had a conversation regarding a part that he was going to play in my film series called A Still Small Voice, which I am attempting to produce. When I asked him if he would be willing to portray the role of Job, he got a little choked up.

He discussed the ways in which he and I were similar. He had the intention of using that to convey some sort of message to others. When I was going through a difficult time, he would encourage me to keep my faith. Because of this, I am certain that Dennis is in heaven with Jesus.”