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David Wright Obituary, David Wright Has Reportedly Passed Away

David Wright Death, Obituary – Two males are said to have been killed, according to the authorities in Ohio, after two tires fell off of a tractor-trailer and through the windshield of a van on Interstate 75. According to Cameron Haller, who is in charge of emergency services in Tipp City, the “freak accident” that occurred on Monday morning might have happened to anyone. Haller described the event as “a complete and utter freak of nature.” “There was a piece of a semi-trailer that became detached.”

According to the findings of the investigation, two tires dislodged themselves from the axle of a trailer that was being pulled by a semi-trailer. After striking one vehicle and then colliding head-on with a Chevrolet van, the tires crossed the median and crashed into the latter from the southbound lane. The tires are now completely embedded in the van. State troopers say that the van’s driver, 77-year-old David Wright, and a passenger in the center of the back row, 72-year-old Jon Weidel, both perished in the collision. Weidel was seated in the middle of the back row.

Everyone else in the van was sent to the hospital, including the three additional passengers. Two of them sustained major injuries, but they were not considered to be life-threatening, while the third one did not sustain any injuries. “Semi-trailers do all kinds of preventative maintenance, and just this time, it just mechanically didn’t work out,” said Haller.

According to Haller, the driver of the first automobile to be struck by the tires was able to walk away unharmed. “First, it struck the mirror on the driver’s side, and then it struck the rear quarter panel on the driver’s side. “That driver has an incredible run of good luck,” observed Haller. As emergency crews worked on the damaged vehicle, witnesses in the area were visibly shaken. “No one could have possibly anticipated it. There was absolutely nothing that could be done,” the witness Jeff Harker stated.

According to the authorities, the driver of the vehicle, a man named Lyndon Hershberger who is 59 years old, did not stop at the scene of the accident. It is not known whether or not he was even aware at the time that the trailer’s tires had become detached.

He did not sustain any injuries as a result of the incident and is currently cooperating with law enforcement officials in their investigation.