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David Hanson Obituary, David Hanson has passed away unexpectedly

David Hanson Obituary, Death – Early last evening, David “Boats” Hanson, who had previously served as the commander of Post 5617 and as the post’s judge advocate, passed away. The arrangements for the funeral are currently being made and will be shared with all of the participants as soon as they are finished.

We ask that you say prayers for the Hanson family so that they may discover the comfort and tranquility they so desperately need. I pray that the man known as “Boats,” David Hanson, who died away not too long ago, is at peace and that the Eternal Light bathes him in its warmth. I hope you have calm waters and fair winds on your journey.

Holy crap, look at them Boats! Is it not the case that everyone has had a great time at this party? Ernie, you are going to be sorely missed by many people.  this was my very first time going to a softball banquet, and on the way there, we had to make a quick stop at the VFW to show my dad!