Dan Ulmer Obituary, Dan Ulmer Has Passed Away After Battling With Cancer

Dan Ulmer Death, Obituary –  Dan Ulmer’s battle with cancer was long and arduous, but he fought until the end. He passed away at the Masonic Home on a Friday morning after finally giving up the fight. In the city of Louisville, Ulmer was an extremely well-known and well regarded member of the local community. He was a local boy born and raised in the town. He was 90. He was best known for being the driving force behind the successful campaign in 1982 to bring Triple-A baseball to Louisville, and he eventually became an owner of the team, remaining so for more than 30 years.

His tenure as an owner spanned the entirety of the franchise’s existence. His involvement with the franchise as an owner spans its entire history as a business venture. His tenure as an owner of the franchise encompasses the entirety of the company’s existence as a commercial enterprise. Because the club was held up as an example for other organizations to copy, baseball at the lower levels all throughout the country experienced a renaissance as a direct result of the example being set by the club.

He had a lovely time in Florida and at The Greenbrier, but he also valued the opportunity to spend time in Louisville getting to know his loved ones and friends better. He cherished the opportunity to spend time in Louisville. Throughout the course of his life, he shown an exceptional ability for altruism by making donations to a wide variety of community organizations, with a specific focus on Catholic schools as the recipients of his charitable contributions.

Instilling the value of being a contributing member of one’s community was a principle that he made sure to instill in all of his children and grandchildren from an early age. He made sure that all of his children and grandchildren knew the importance of being a contributing member of one’s community.

You are welcome to make memorial contributions in honor of the person who has passed away, and you have the option of sending those contributions to the Catholic Education Foundation or to another charity of your choice.