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Cynthia Weil Death Cause, Songwriter Barry Mann’s wife Cynthia Weil has died

Cynthia Weil Death Cause, Obituary – Today, there was a significant loss to be had in the music industry. A legendary songwriter has recently gone away. Since the 1970s, Cynthia Weil and her husband Barry Mann have been one of the most influential songwriting duos in the music industry. When I started doing research in the early 1990s for my book Songs in the Rough, one of the first persons I spoke to was Cynthia. She was one of the authors of the book.

She and Barry wrote a number of successes together, including “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’,” “On Broadway,” and “Just Once,” among a great many others.  Throughout the years, she was quite considerate to me. Her songwriting skills were unparalleled in the industry. The music you made and the legacy you left behind will go on forever. I am sorry for the loss suffered by her friends and family.

A loves one said, ”Cynthia Weil Mann, a lyricist who was both lovely and smart, has passed away. At a BMI dinner in 1962, the portrait depicts a foursome of young songwriters consisting of (from left to right) her husband and cowriter Barry Mann, Cynthia, my then-husband and cowriter Gerry Goffin, and myself. Despite our cutthroat competition to write the next hit for an artist who already had a number one song, the four of us were close friends who cared deeply for one another.

Sometimes we worked with other songwriters in other configurations, such as when Mann and Goffin collaborated on “Who Put the Bomp?” or when King and Weil created “One to One.” The high professional bar that Cynthia set for us all turned us all into better songwriters. One of my favorite songs by Cynthia is called “Just a little lovin’ early in the mornin’ beats a cup of coffee for startin’ out the day.”

However, she is the one who penned it, and in the following stanza, she rhymed “mornin'” with “yawnin’.” If we’re lucky, we already know this to be true. The legacy of songs written by Cynthia Weil should be preserved so that they can continue to speak to and for future generations. May you find rest in the presence of love and gratitude.”