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Christopher Bouchard Obituary, Milton, VT, fishing accident killed one

Christopher Bouchard Obituary, Death – On June 2, 2023, Christopher Scott Bouchard, who was 42 years old at the time, was fishing at the Peterson Dam in Milton, Vermont. He was involved in a terrible accident that resulted in his death and was caused by circumstances that were beyond his control. Christopher Scott Bouchard did not wait till his time to pass away; he left this life too soon.In the year 1980, on the 14th of December, Katherine and Scott Bouchard were happy to celebrate the arrival of their son in the world in the city of Brunswick, which is located in the state of Maine. The first kid that the couple had together was him.

In addition to his many hobbies, including fishing, photography, and chasing storms, he was an expert in the field of information technology. He had also worked in the past as a meteorologist for the Vermont program known as Eye on the Sky, which is in responsible of providing local weather forecasts. In the past, he had held this position. As part of his duties in this role, he was responsible for collecting and examining data pertaining to the weather. During the summer months, Christopher spent the majority of his time with a group of meteorologists who were engaged in the activity of hunting tornadoes.

This was something that he did each year with a lot of excitement and expectation because it was something that he looked forward to doing and since it was something that he looked forward to doing, it was something that he did. His wife Christine Bouchard, his sister Leslie White and her husband Sam White, his brother Kyle Bouchard, his nephews Quinton and Gabriel Bouchard, and his grandmother Norma Bouchard all have fond memories of Chris,

and they will all continue to remember him with affection. Willie Cloutier, who is Chris’s stepfather; Katherine Bouchard, who is Chris’s mother; Scott Bouchard, who is Chris’s father; wife Christine Bouchard; brother Kyle Bouchard; sister Leslie White and husband Sam White; and nephews Quinton and Gabriel Bouchard. Chris is extremely fortunate to have a sizable and supportive extended family that not only spans the state of Maine but also the rest of the country and is comprised of a number of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Chris’s extended family may be found not only in Maine but also in the rest of the country. The geographical scope of Chris’s extended family extends not only across the state of Maine but also across the entirety of the United States.