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Chris Ethridge Obituary, Georgia Chris Ethridge has passed away

Chris Ethridge Obituary, Gofundme Jenny Fowler Ethridge is a much-loved member of our community, and a GoFundMe campaign has recently been established in her honor. I am writing to you now with a sad heart to let you know about the campaign and to ask for your support. Not only is Jenny a devoted educator at Harbins Elementary School, but she is also a treasured neighbor and friend, and she is also serving as a pillar of strength for her small son, Colt. For the benefit of those of you who might not be aware,

I maintain strong ties to the Archer/Harbins area, and the residents of that region hold a very dear and dearly loved place in my heart. My acquaintance with the Ethridge family began in Archer on the little league baseball fields. It was there that I first became aware of how remarkable a family they comprised. If you have had the good opportunity to know Jenny or Chris, then you are aware of what great individuals they are in all facets of life, including as teachers, friends, and people.

This past weekend, Christopher Ethridge passed away in a way that was completely unexpected. It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you this news. Jenny and their son, Colt, are now faced with the insurmountable challenge of navigating life without their devoted husband and father. Jenny’s only hope is that Colt will be able to draw strength from his mother.The first time I talked to Chris was while we were playing T-ball together. He came up to me with a timid smile and admitted,

“Listen, I didn’t grow up playing baseball and I don’t really know anything about the game.” I’m here to lend a hand in any way I can, and I’ll gladly take any suggestions you have to make things easier at home. And he did; he would practice with Colt late into the night, and Chris would even concentrate on improving his own abilities so that he could be a more effective coach. This memory exemplifies Chris as a man who is humble and has a heart of gold, always looking to do the best he can for his son and those who are close to him.

Now more than ever, the Ethridge family is in need of our assistance. During this extraordinarily challenging time, any amount that you are able to provide will make a huge impact and assist to relieve some of the monetary pressures that are being placed on those affected. Your assistance, regardless of how little it may seem, will make a significant impact in the outcome. Please consider making a donation or sharing this campaign with others so that we can reach more people who are able to assist.