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Chief George Obituary, Chief George Has Reportedly Died

Chief George Death, Obituary – A large number of our fishing friends may remember Chief George from the days of Bass’n Gal, when he would assist Big Daddy Bob with the weigh-ins and sing to entertain the crowd before the start of the weigh-ins. During those days, Chief George was known as “Chief George.” When those events took place, Chief George was employed at Bass’n Gal. Back then, Bass’n Gal was merely known by her prior name. It’s likely that the songs he performed and the assistance he gave to others at the FOCAS Lake Tenkiller Events are what people will remember him for the most.

He maintained a positive attitude and always had a broad smile on his face. Furthermore, he was always ready to lend a helping hand with whatever that was going on at any given time, regardless of the circumstances. In the years to come, a sizable proportion of people will hold favourable views of him in their minds. It would be very appreciated if you would remember to say some prayers for his family while the funeral is being held tomorrow. The remaining members of his family are his wife, Karen, and their three children, John, George, and Crissy.

His wife is the matriarch of the family. If you happen to have any images that you have taken, please do not hesitate to send them over to George so that he can review them. If you do not have any photographs that you have taken, please do not worry about sending them over. Even though we have access to a number of boxes, not a single one of them has been scanned. This is a truth that cannot be changed by the fact that we have access to these boxes.

According to the lyrics of his song “Daddy’s Fishin’ in the Promised Land,” he is currently in heaven, where he is catching 10 or more bass with each cast, and the song says that he is fishing there. He is the author of the book titled Daddy’s Fishin’ in the Promised Land. This was how he explained the current situation that he found himself in at the moment.