Byward Market Shooting, 4 Injured, No Arrests in Overnight ByWard Market Shooting

Byward Market Shooting, 4 Injured, No Arrests in Overnight ByWard Market Shooting

Byward Market Shooting –  The early morning gunshot that occurred in the ByWard Market and left numerous persons injured is now being investigated by the police in Ottawa. At approximately 1:30 in the am on Saturday, police on foot patrol in the area of Clarence Street between Dalhousie and William streets were alerted to the sound of many gunshots. According to a statement released by the police, when authorities arrived at a bar in the neighborhood, they discovered four individuals who had been shot. Two of them had sustained injuries that were potentially fatal.

The four men were all transported to the hospital at the same time. There has been no new information regarding their conditions as of 5:30 this evening. There has been no word of any arrests being made either. Anyone who may have information is urged to get in touch with the force’s weapons and gangs unit, or to provide information to Crime Stoppers in an anonymous manner. Czarina Wilson, who works across the street from the location of the shooting, stated that she sometimes feels hesitant to leave work as early in the morning as she normally does.

“In most situations, I always have other people around me. “It’s more of a personal thing that I do,” she explained to me, “to keep myself safe.” “I’ve just been hearing a lot… of stuff like this happening lately, and it’s definitely scary,” said the speaker. Pierre Cloutier, an artist at the ByWard Market, told Radio-Canada that despite the fact that security has been strengthened, it is apparent that it is not sufficient since four people still ended up being shot. He said it in French, and I’ll paraphrase: “Tourists don’t like to go to places where there is violence.” “From our perspective, the level of traffic is appalling.”

Stéphanie Plante, a councillor for the Rideau-Vanier ward, stated that the tourist destination, the ByWard Market, is still “overwhelmingly safe,” despite the fact that the recent violence is troubling but not exclusive to the area. Every week, there are 50,000 people who come to the ByWard Market for the first time. According to what Plante said to Radio-Canada, “we have conferences, we have tournaments, and we have people [going there] just to eat, who are on their way to catch public transit.”

“Around the hour of three in the morning, these occurrences take place. around addition, I’m not sure about you, but I don’t find myself around the ByWard Market about that time very often. It’s bedtime for me.” According to Plante, the incident will most likely be debated on Wednesday when the city council decides on a new municipal corporation to govern the market, as well as among the individuals who will comprise the future membership of that body.