Bruce Press Obituary, Bruce Press Has Passed Away Due To Pancreatic Cancer

Bruce Press Obituary, Bruce Press Has Passed Away Due To Pancreatic Cancer

Bruce Press Obituary, Death – I recently found out that Bruce Press, a photographer and arts patron, went unexpectedly due to pancreatic cancer. He was a pioneer in his field. Due to the fact that we did not have a particularly close relationship and that I did not read each and every one of his Facebook posts, I was unaware of his illness when it was announced in February. So it surprises me.

Even though I did not know Bruce very well — in fact, I knew him mostly through his photographs, which frequently did brighten my social media feeds — this does not mean that he did not have an indelible impact on both my life and my work as an artist. The most of our interactions took place in and around 2007, in especially after we’d met at Balticon… and that initial meeting is one that I’ve repeated over and over again in the quarter-century since: If my memory serves me correctly, I had just finished being a part of a panel.

The Press family came up to talk to me: Bruce, his wife Julie V. Press, their son Benjamin Press, and their daughter Allie Press. He introduced them as members of his family who not only had all read my first work, but also owned a copy of it each for themselves. I was really taken aback by their support and enthusiasm, but at the same time, I am extremely appreciative for their kindness and upbeat attitude. That instant is one that I will never forget, and it has served as a source of strength for me on more than one occasion.

The terms “generous,” “genuine,” “loving,” and “warm” appear numerous times in the Facebook posts that come in from Bruce’s friends, loved ones, and family. That is what sticks out in my mind about our very first encounter. Bruce had a kindheartedness that was both sincere and generous. He was both a creator of art and an advocate for its value. A creator is someone who has an investment in the intrinsic and unchangeable value of their invention.

I was unfamiliar with him. Not really, but he was important to me anyhow. He had an impact on the world. All of my affection goes out to everyone who had the opportunity to know and love him. I am aware that you are suffering. Please let Bruce know how thankful I am to have him in my life.