British Toddler Stabbed in Annecy, France, Perpetrator's Motive Unclear

British Toddler Stabbed in Annecy, France, Perpetrator’s Motive Unclear

Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, paid a visit today to the British family of a three-year-old girl who was one of four children stabbed by a Syrian refugee at a playground in France. The refugee came from Syria. Macron and his wife Brigitte have arrived at the University Hospital in Grenoble to be with the victims of yesterday’s brutal attack in the town of Annecy, which included a three-year-old child from the United Kingdom, as well as the victims’ relatives, who have been left traumatized as a result of the crime.

During his ‘abominable’ rampage in Annecy, which took place in southeastern France, the perpetrator, who has been identified as Abdalmash Hanoun, 31, said “in the name of Jesus Christ” and held tightly onto a necklace that featured a crucifix on it. Annecy is a popular tourist destination. The distressing footage shows a self-professed Christian running into the little playground and repeatedly stabbing a youngster who was in his pram while the child’s screaming mother tried to protect him from the abuse.

The recently divorced Abdalmash H is shown in further dramatic footage being chased through the park by people and cops before being shot by a police officer and pushed to the ground. Ettie, a British girl of three years old who was on vacation with her parents, and Peter, a Dutch baby of 22 months, were both assaulted by him after he had initially targeted two French cousins named Ennio and Alba, both of whom were two years old. Ennio and Alba both remained in the hospital in Grenoble on Friday, where their condition was categorized as “critical.” Ettie was in the same hospital as Peter, who had been moved to a specialized medical unit in Geneva, and Ettie’s condition was described as “stable.” Peter’s status was likewise described as “stable.”

After meeting with additional victims, their relatives, and the individuals who came to their aid following the incident, which is not being investigated as a possible act of terrorism, Macron and Brigitte will later make the trip from Grenoble to Annecy, which is located an hour further to the north. The investigators are still attempting to figure out what Abdalmash H’s reasons were for carrying out the attack. The grieving community has gathered at the park to pay their respects to the four people who were killed in the incident, two of whom were adults. Floral tributes and candles have been lit by those paying their condolences.

In the immediate aftermath of the chaotic attack, horrified witnesses reported hearing moms yelling “run, run” as they fled the area. President Macron referred to the attack as an act of “absolute cowardice.” On Thursday, a man identified as Abdalmash H, 31, a Syrian refugee, carried out a frenetic attack in Annecy, France, during which he repeatedly stabbed children. During the attack, he said “in the name of Jesus Christ.” The investigation into who Abdalmash is and what his motivations were for carrying out the act are moving at a breakneck pace.