Jesse Wilson Obituary, Jesse Graddy Wilson, Jr. Is Dead

Brannon Curiel Obituary, Brannon Curiel Has Died

Brannon Curiel Death, Obituary – We regret to notify you of the passing of Brannon Curiel, who was both a respected member of the Sandhills Brewing community and the beloved spouse of one of the members of our team, Tabitha Curiel. It is with a heavy heart that we must share this news with you. We regret to inform you that Brannon Curiel has passed away; it is with a heavy heart that we do so.

When the unthinkable tragedy that stole Brannon’s life occurred, he was on a camping vacation with a group of his close friends. The occurrence took happened while he was out on his kayak. While we are collecting donations for the memorial fund over the next two weeks, we will also be accepting donations for it in-person and online at the taproom and on the online donation page.

The collection will take place over the next two weeks. The family will be the recipient of all of the monetary gifts that have been received in order to provide assistance to them with the expenditures that are associated with organizing the memorial event. You have the option of giving a donation in person in the Sandhills Brewing Hutchinson taproom, or you can give one online by clicking the link that is presented further down on this page.

Donations in the form of money and those made using credit cards are both welcome and accepted by charitable organizations. In addition, we will be holding a fundraising event on Friday, the 23rd of June; early the following week, we will provide those who are interested with additional information regarding this event.