Bobby Caldwel Obituary, Bobby Caldwel has passed away unexpectedly

Bobby Caldwel Death, Obituary  РThe news that Bobby Caldwell had passed away came as a complete and absolute shock to me. I was completely unprepared for it. I ask that you accept my sympathies for your loss. When we did eventually get the chance to see each other again after being apart for a considerable amount of time, he maintained the same level of composure and serenity that he had displayed in the before.

At one point, he made the remark that he would love to perform a duet of “what you won’t do,” but on this earthly plane, the opportunity to do so was never presented to us. It’s possible that he was just trying to be kind when he said it, but I can’t be sure of that. Likewise, I can’t be sure that he was simply trying to be kind when he said it.

When he made the remark, it is unclear to me if he was merely attempting to be courteous or whether he was also making an effort to be courteous at the same time. Maybe in a different place, or maybe at a later time in the not too distant future, but definitely soon.