Beverley Jean Damke Obituary, Beverley Jean Damke Has Sadly Died

Beverley Jean Damke Death, Obituary – Beverley Jean Damke, who goes by the alias damke, was the one who was responsible for it. Beverley has left a lasting impression on the people in this town who knew her well and who were a member of this community while she was alive. The 11th of September 1930 was the day that Jean Damke was born, and the 1st of June 2023 was the day that she passed away.

Both dates are important in their own right for various reasons. She regarded the house in Gladstone that was located on Higgins Street as her permanent place of residence. She had reached the age of 92 years old when she passed away on June 1st, 2023 in Melbourne. Her life ended at that point.

During her final moments, she was cared for by her devoted family members who were all present. Nobody knows when she passed away or where she did, and no one has been able to locate her body. Nobody knows what happened to bring her to this point. a devoted mother and lady, Keith Damke’s wife departed away before her husband, who had already found new love.

The untimely passing away of the loving mother of Rhonda, Craig, and Ian occurred quite some time ago and is a horrible sorrow. During the course of her employment as a caregiver, she was responsible for providing long-term care for all three of them.

She is thought of by a great number of people as being their Aunty, Great-Aunt, Grandmother, and Friend. She is also known to many people in the role of being their Aunty. a cherished and significant member of the family of the Husband who has been around for a long time. Grandmother. Great-Grandmother.

The cremation event, which will be held in secret, will take place in Springvale Botanical Cemetery in Melbourne. The service will not be open to the public. There will be a service conducted there. There is a cemetery in Victoria, and the location can be discovered there.

A celebration of Bev’s life, as well as a memorial service, will take place in Gladstone at a later date in order to commemorate her passing and pay tribute to her.