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Armien Jones Obituary, Armien Jones Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Armien Jones Death, Obituary – The Charleston County Coroner’s Office has announced the identity of the person who was killed in the shooting that took place on Thursday and in which three other people were also hurt. In addition to the victim, three other people were injured in the incident. The incident unfolded at a location in Charleston, which is located in South Carolina. The incident resulted in the injury of three more people in addition to the first victim.

According to the Chief Deputy Coroner Brittney Martin, Armien Jones Jr., 19, is said to have passed dead unexpectedly at the scene of the gunshot on Thursday evening about 8:30 p.m. She placed a lot of emphasis on the fact that he had been shot, as this was the traumatic event that ultimately caused him to fall from grace and pass away. She was under the impression that this was the single most significant contributor to his demise.

After getting information that a significant number of individuals had been shot and injured in the 4100 block of Dorchester Road, the police traveled to the location in question in order to conduct an investigation. The information that they had received led them to believe that the incident had occurred there. They were given the information that the location might not be reliable.

The youngster and his father, who was in his fifties at the time, were discovered by the police laying face down in the parking lot. Both did not respond to my questions. Both of them were wounded as a result of the shooting, and their bodies were found laying next to one another after they had been shot. Both of the victims were struck by bullets as they were being slain by gunfire, which ultimately resulted in their deaths. After a few hours had passed, it was reported that an 18-year-old young lady had arrived at the hospital with a gunshot wound.

The information regarding this was obtained from a report that was submitted after the occurrence of the event. The incident resulted in the shooting of four individuals, including her. She was one of those persons. She was one of the persons who was injured by what happened.