Anthony Rich Obituary Discover Camp NY, Anthony Rich has died

Anthony Rich Death, Obituary¬† – Anthony James Rich, often known as “Tony” and “Cookie,” passed suddenly at the age of 82 on September 28, 2022, at the Allegheny General Hospital in Baden, Pennsylvania, following a brief illness but in an unexpected manner. Tony Rich was born in Ambridge on December 28th, 1939. His parents, Patsy Rich, Sr. and Mary Noschese Rich, both passed away before their son was born.

His life was lived to the fullest as a God-fearing businessman, sportsman, conservationist, community activist, community organizer, cement contractor, expert meat and speciality meats manufacturer, wild game processor, fish whisperer, and lover of righteous roads to follow. He was most admired for being someone who taught others, respected everyone, and sincerely cared for his fellow man and woman. This quality won him a lot of admiration. He approached the hunt with a mindful and respectful attitude toward the animals.

He was a respected guide and expert when it came to wild wildlife. Because of his hunting achievements, which included hunting in a variety of locations, he was given the Super 10 Award. Tony was an ardent fisherman, and he could bring in the quota of fish even when conditions on the water were poor. In his DNA was a sharp sense fish finder that allowed him to understand how different species of fish moved through the water.

Tony had life memberships in the following organizations: the National Rifle Association, the Rochester Sportsmen’s Club, the FOAC, the North American Hunting Club, the North American Fishing Club, the Ambridge Sportsmen’s Club, the PA Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, the North Borough Sportsmen’s Club, the Pittsburgh Downriggers, the Sewickley Conservation Club, and the Wildlife For Everyone Endowment Foundation.

When he was President of the Ambridge Sportsmen’s Club, he oversaw the expansion of the club’s land from 35 to 165 acres and was responsible for the project’s overall management. He had previously served as President of the Rochester Sportsmen’s Club, where he was responsible for overseeing the construction of a new shooting range and upgrades to the clubhouse.

Tony established the “Youth Foundation” of the Beaver County Sportsmen’s Conservation League because he held the belief that young people should be taught about wildlife, hunting, fishing, and a healthy respect for conservation efforts for the future, in addition to having healthy fun and meaningful activities. Tony pushed for the declaration of the Second Amendment to be made in Beaver County, and he was ultimately successful in doing so. In addition to that, he was the brains behind the open Archery and Muzzleloader committee and the Wild Geese Hunting events that are held at Brady’s Run Lake.

He had served as President of the Beaver County Sportsmen’s Conservation League for more than 16 years at the time of his retirement. To ensure that elected officials live up to the obligations outlined in their oaths, Tony established the “We the People of America” 501(c)4 nonprofit organization. Because of his leadership role on the Director Board in regards to the activities and plans for this group, he will be much missed.

Together with his close friend Jerry Hooks, he oversaw the rapid expansion of the group during its first 16 months, taking it from five members to more than 25,000. For a number of years, Tony coordinated demonstrations in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to promote the 2nd Amendment’s gun rights.

He was successful in his efforts to have Beaver County recognized for its resilience and appreciation for elected authorities to uphold the constitution in a just manner. Over the course of more than a decade and a half of nonstop labor, Tony brought the repair of the Hereford Manor Lake Dam to the point where it now requires just money from the government to be finished.