Andrew Berryman Obituary, Tulsa Oklahoma Andrew Berryman Has Passed Away

Andrew Berryman Obituary, Tulsa Oklahoma Andrew Berryman Has Passed Away

Andrew Berryman Obituary, Death – As I write this, my heart is heavy, and I haven’t slept in days. The past twenty-four hours have been so challenging that I don’t even know how to describe them. Andrew Berryman and Tyler, both of whom are employees and friends of Boosted Visuals, were engaged in a terrible car accident yesterday around 1:50 p.m. in our city of Tulsa near the intersection of 68th and memorial. They left my shop so that Andrew could run to the mall and pick up some new shoes, and Tyler wanted to tag along with him for some media content, so he drove.

Andrew needed to leave so that Tyler could drive. “Hey, Clay, let’s get moving since we have to make a quick trip to the mall to pick up some sneakers. I’m going to go on a bike with Tyler. We shouldn’t be too long. Andrew passed away 15 minutes after you told me that, and Tyler was taken to the hospital shortly after that. He is currently resting in a hospital bed after receiving numerous injuries, including a fractured pelvis, broken ribs, and a punctured lung. He has been severely beaten. He suffers from no memory loss and can recall any and all details. It is anticipated that he will be okay, but he has a long road to recuperation ahead of him.

Unfortunately, after spending close to six hours with him the night before, I was had to break the news to him about Andrew. These two young men inspired me to think of new things to accomplish with my business and were driven in a way that is not normally associated with someone between the ages of 21 and 22. On Saturday, two days before Andrew passed away, I provided him with a little instruction session on how to drive our shop’s Audi R8 V10. We went for a few spins around the neighborhood before he felt at ease behind the wheel. After that, he gave it a thorough cleaning, included it into our rental fleet, and last, he gave it the official Fantasy Garage stamp of approval as a motor vehicle.

On Sunday, I gave him permission to go to Cars & Coffee by himself, and once he was there, he didn’t want to go. Because of my efforts, he was able to realize one of his goals, and for that I am quite grateful. Simply said, he was pleased to be a member of the Fantasy Garage team, and we could not have been more honored and pleased to have him! I could go on and on about this young man’s upbeat feelings, his optimistic attitude on life, his hustling, his ability to detail cars to perfection, and his automotive expertise. He invited me to several events and introduced me to some of the people in my own network. In exchange, I invited him to some of my events and invited him to meet some of the people in my network. It felt right. We were successful in our collaboration.

We all dream big, but what I admire most about Andrew is that he isn’t afraid to shoot for the stars. The brainstorming sessions that Tyler led with our team were full of ideas that were outrageous, ridiculous, and definitely impossible to achieve. I’ve been sitting here all day today, waiting for Andrew and Tyler to come through the front door, but they haven’t shown up. I don’t know why. I have spent the all of today waiting for Andrew to come out of the break room with his gallon jug of water that has his shapie art drawn all over it while he is eating a burrito from a petrol station.

Throughout the course of the day today, I have been forced to look at his truck, which is parked in front of our building, knowing that he will not be returning for it. I have waited, and I am still waiting, but this unpleasant dream does not appear to have any resolution in sight.