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Michael Bozeman Obituary, Michael Bozeman has passed away unexpectedly

Michael Bozeman Obituary, Death – Michael Bozeman has passed away unexpectedly leaving family, friends, loved ones in pain and agony. I am sorry to write you this letter to inform you of the passing of our older brother, Michael Bozeman. This is a difficult announcement for me to make, and I do it with a sad heart. Early in the week, Mike, or “Mike” as I knew him, passed away as the result of an automobile accident. It goes without saying that you have suffered a significant loss, and the anguish that you are feeling is not an illusion; it is quite genuine. However, God continues to exercise control over everything. Mike was the type of guy who would put in a lot of work, who had a robust spiritual life, who was a thinker,

and who could solve just about any problem you could throw at him. Because he was an older sibling, he took on the role of protector for the younger ones. When it came to love, we were generous with our giving. You were conscious of that whenever he was in close proximity to you. I always found myself giggling a little bit whenever he would say “I love you, little Brother,” since he would say it pretty frequently, and it always made me smile. My physical stature has always been superior to his during our entire relationship. The other side of the coin is that he was my older brother. His relationship with his family was the driving force behind everything he did. Mike’s relationship with his family ranked as the single most significant aspect of his life. They were the focal point of everything that took place around them. Pray for him, his wife Carolyn, their daughters, and his grandchildren. Pray also for his grandchildren. They ask that you remember them in your prayers.
My brother has, at long last, arrived at a point where he can speak personally about God. In the comments that he left on the Michael Bozeman Ministry website, he regularly discussed the transformative power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is not a shred of uncertainty in my mind regarding the fact that he is at this very moment dozing off in the embrace of the Father. We would be grateful if you could give my family and I some space to mourn and some time to recuperate. Thank you in advance for your consideration. In the days that are to come, we will discuss the preparations that have been made for the Homegoing Celebration in honor of Michael. I am thankful to you for having such a good understanding.